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Trading Assistant Consignment Options


  1. Drop your item off, and after agreeing on a minimum sale price (reserve), we take care of everything--including research, professional photos, listing & shipping (see examples). All you have to do is take the money, minus our commission, to the bank.
    Commissions vary on a sliding scale but are typically about 25%. Our minumum fee is $60 if the item sells. There are no up front fees and eBay fees are included.
    We require that we take possession of all items consigned unless they are just too big. We need access for additional photos and questions throughout the auction. Also to ensure prompt shipping. Here's a sample contract.

  2. We come to you. If your item is large, like huge furniture, we bring our equipment over and take the pictures (see examples). You may be required to answer some email questions or phone calls for more information throughout the sale. And you'll need to be there for the pickup and final transaction. A small advance fee (usually $75) is required, then you will have 5 days to pay our commission. The commission slides lower (around 1% for items over $30,000.00) since we don't handle the shipping and again lower if you choose to use your own eBay ID. This option is available only if the item is a very large.

    Vehicles typically cost $150 to list then a $250 successful auction fee. Here is a sample contract.

  3. We Custom Design a professional auction listing for your item including your company banner (see examples). Then we get your item listed for you on your own eBay account and provide ongoing support to help you relist your items -- all for a flat per-item fee. We can also help with your eBay Store and About Me Page.
    Use our service to test market your new products and inventions on eBay!

I had a motorcycle to sell that went nowhere in the local want ads. Olen came by one afternoon and took 10 minutes to take a dozen photos and listed the bike on Ebay for me. It fetched what I had been told the bike was worth within a week from a buyer who had it shipped to New Zealand, of all places. I don’t think he’d have been reading the local Memphis want ads. It was easy for me, and I feel like I’ve entered the technology age, thanks to the Einstein.

-Napoleon Overton


I sold about 10 items using Auction Einstein over a period of 6 months. The follow up and conclusions were very prompt and professional. He can take an item from picture taking, descriptions, disclaimers, and bid process thru eBay and conlude or continue if price not met. I would recommend him completely, and trust his judgement and integrity.



Auction Einstein is the best. He has sold over $5,000 worth of goods for me and did an outstanding job. He knows when to place the ad, what the ad should say, and what to list the item for. Not only that he stands behind what he sells and makes sure that the customer gets what they paid for.

-Gayle Elliott

Thank you so much! You really did sell quick and I got more than I thought I would for the item. I could not be happier!

-Burke Martin


Wow! My experience selling my Honda Goldwing was exceptional. From the ease of geting my bike listed to having it sell in 36 hours was a breeze! I highly recommend Auction Einstein if you want to get the most for your item.

-Greg Ward


I used auctioneinstein for the first time after friends told me about him. He handled everything and the items sold in a short time for the full asking price. The internet reaches a lot more people than the local newspapers and the Einstein knows how to reach more of them. I will use auctioneinstein again.

Jim Miller


I used Auction Einstein to sell a camera lens for me. I know the lens sold quickly because of the great advertising he did. It was great to let him handle the whole transaction including shipping the lens to the buyer. Auction Einstein was easy to work with and was very professional. I highly recommend him for anyone looking for a great eBayer!

-Con Van Zandt