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Reap the benefits from the expertise and reputation of a Registered eBay Trading Assistant - Olen Batchelor,
memphismotorsseller ( 1132Feedback score is 500 to 999) Member is a PowerSellerAbout MeGo to member's eBay Store.

You'll get far more than trade-in value because an eBay listing goes out to nearly 200 million members worldwide for much more exposure than the Commercial Appeal, Auto Trader or any other venue!

My seven-year excellent eBay reputation, forty photographs and my exclusive Video Test Drive featuring Keelee Hudson bring higher sale prices than otherwise possible. Plus it virtually eliminates the hassle of people wanting to come over and see it, which can be risky these days.

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Great job on the video tour, that's the coolest eBay
motorcycle ad I've seen so far.
-Marc J. White

You have a great service in the way you present
your sales. My hats off to you.

-Bob L.

Your listings are phenomenal!
-Alex, eBay Motors Support

See examples of our presentation:

  • Recent Auto Listing
    Here's a recent car listing on eBay. This template is designed to integrate seamlessly into the eBay site and contains my exclusive
    Video Test Drive. There's none other like it on eBay!

    Sample Video Test Drive

  • Airplane
    This Cessna was viewed by more than 7000 people and received multiple offers. Many aircraft shoppers can also easily fly in to see the item.

  • Motorcycle
    100% succes rate with Harleys

  • Classic
    This '55 T-bird is almost all original and a rare 3-speed manual - the rarer the better.

  • Commercial Equipment
    Excellent success selling trailers, loaders, tractors, and more

  • Dealer Custom Design
    We can set your dealership up with your own custom eBay template.

Current Listings

Who Are We?
Olen Batchelor, memphismotorsseller ( 1132Feedback score is 500 to 999) Member is a PowerSellerAbout MeGo to member's eBay Store, has been selling on eBay full-time since 2000. He is a PowerSeller, a Registered eBay Trading Assistant, and his office is recognized as an Official eBay Trading Post. Olen is also an eBay-Trained Education Specialist and teaches eBay-Selling at colleges in the Midsouth region. His specialty has been vehicles and high-end items sales. Read more . . .

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