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eBay Selling Classes in Memphis Germantown

6 PM - 10:30 PM
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Looking for a supplemental or full-time income? Are you a stay at home mom looking to work from home? Trying to raise money for a good cause? Maybe you've got a lot of Grandma's stuff to get rid of? Time to upgrade your collection? Liquidate your inventory?

It's not just about collectibles any more. Cars, furniture, clothing real estate, even food. eBay is now officially the fastest growing business in history!

Why does the Memphis newspaper refuse to print ads for my service or classes? Because the eBay dynamic auction process works so much better than newspaper advertising. Neither do they have a readership of nearly 200 million worldwide!

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It's about having your own business from home (video 504KB).

Trial & Error is Error!

Whatever your skill level, I can take you through the entire process from getting your items listed on eBay to packing & shipping them. Take a look at the reviews of my classes.

You could learn all of this on your own like I did, with thousands of frustrated hours and lots of trial & error poring over tedious instructions, or you could let me show you all I've learned over years of selling full-time on eBay and the internet.

Be Ready for the Holiday Season!

Take the fast track to starting your eBay business and avoid the mistakes by learning first-hand from an eBay-Trained Education Specialist with a Five-Star rating!


More than 1.3 million people make their living with eBay!

About the Instructor:

My name is Olen Batchelor and I moved back to Memphis eleven years ago to take care of my Alzheimer's mom. It was just too much to hold down a regular job, and I discovered eBay selling. When I made a few hundred dollars my first week, I knew that I'd never work for someone else again! More about me (video 125KB).

I've been selling full-time on eBay for more than ten years now and have experimented with just about every way of earning money with it. I currently sell high-end consignments like vehicles, art, and musical instruments and am a Registered Trading Assistant and eBay PowerSeller.

I've been the Territory Manager for Auction 123, the eBay Motors listing service, and as an eBay Motors Dealer Assistant , helping the local car dealers put their cars on eBay. Honestly, I can't imagine anyone in the area with more experience. I've even met personally with eBay's top executives.

Read even more at my eBay About Me page

About the Class:

The classes are to be held at my home office(map) in Germantown, Tennessee at 2280 McVay Road behind the Germantown Lumber Company at the corner of Poplar Pike and Germantown Road/West Street and is limited to 8 people. It will be from 6 to 10:30 and will cover the basics and beyond including Paypal, shipping, security, and digital photography.

As an Education Specialist, I'm authorized to use eBay University's Powerpoint presentation and offer the accompanying official student guide. Here's the table of contents.

I will try to give you the benefit of everything I've learned in the past six years! There will be Q & A throughout so you're sure to learn lots of great tips no matter what your current level. I will also be including eBay Motors information since that's my specialty.

I regularly hold small classes in my home office (map) to keep down costs. Minimum - 6 students. Simply contact me and I'll set up a class for you!

Please email or call me for further information at (901) 355-6974.

Register now for 69.95 in advance,
79.95 at the door subject to availability

I also accept checks or money orders.

Mail to:

Dr. Auctionstein
Olen Batchelor
2280 McVay Road
Germantown, TN 38138

Seating is limited, so
register now for 49.95

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